Set-up your account to accept and manage
papers for your conference.


Create your Page

Create your unique page that will allow delegates and scholars to submit and refer their friends and colleagues to submit their papers.


Add your Conference details

Put down your conference’s theme and paper topics along with the paper details, scope and what you’re looking for in a submission.


Add your team

Finally, you can add your team of reviewers, collaborators and screeners to the account with varying access levels and functionality.



Create Abstract Page

Create submix landing page for submission based conference types and topics.

Manage Authors

Add, view and delete authors on the submix dashboard for your conferences. Manage author database.

Manage Reviewers

Add and view all the conference reviewers on your Submix dashboard. Send invites to reviewers to submit feedback and rate various assigned abstracts.

Customize Submix settings

Submission Timeline for Abstracts, Word limit and total Abstract Restriction, Review Timeline, Enable & send feedback to Author, Hide Author details to the reviewer, Set total number of Co-Authors, Rename Abstracts, Hide Optional Options

Author Collaboration

View Conference Overview

View all conference and abstract/ paper submission details on the Submix landing page.

Submit Abstract

Login and add an author, co-authors and submit abstract. Authors can Edit & update their profile, abstracts/ papers.

Email update on Paper submission

Authors will receive immediate confirmation update in Email on successful paper submission

Manage your Abstract

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Upload Full Paper / Final Manuscript

Authors can upload Full paper/ Manuscript (in PDF format) for final submission to the conference.

Reviewer Collaboration

View Conference Overview

View all conference and abstract/ paper submission details on the Submix landing page.

Invitation notification to reviewer

Reviewers will receive immediate notification in email on being invited to review authors’ papers

Manage abstract feedback

Reviewers can view, rate, write & edit feedback for the assigned abstracts/ papers

Organizing Team Collaboration

Filter abstracts

Based on topics/ types/ tracks organizers can view and filter abstracts/ papers.

Submit Reviews

View and send reviews to authors for their Abstracts. Ask reviewers to re-submit reviews for Abstracts.

Reviewer Collaboration

Conference organizers can collaborate with Reviewers by assigning various abstracts to the them to submit feedback & ratings. Reviewer can also update their profile.

Manage communications

Organizers can assign abstracts to reviewers, send reviewer feedback to authors via email, and communicate with authors with regards to their abstract.

Custom Book Builder

Build your own book by compiling all Abstracts, customizing table of contents and other fields. Add your custom front and back cover to the book.

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